Frequently Asked Questions

DevMetrics only imports commit details and associated file names and size of changes to files in a commit. DevMetrics never access, download, transmit or clone any of your source code.
You have the option of exporting a log file from your repository and uploading it directly for import. Enterprise users have the added option of an API that can be used to automate the uploading of log files in order to keep data current.
We provide the option to request one of your team members to import the repository on your behalf. The team member will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed, once imported the repository will be linked to your account.
Team Foundation Server support is coming soon!
SVN support is coming soon!
The option to add team members to your account is coming soon!
Support for importing from Jira/Trello and/or static code analysis tools like SonarQube is coming soon!

Oragnisations on Standard subscriptions or higher have access to the Aliases functionality under your Administration, aliases allow you to combine contributors and thus removing any duplicate git user accounts showing up in DevMetrics.

Projects can be created by creating a Quick Filter in the Filter panel that contains all of the repositories for a project. Quick Filters are available on Professional and Enterprise subscriptions.

Please contact us directly if there are any functionality you find to be lacking.
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